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Eavesdropping Device


Jack M Fritz, PH.D. Executive Director

US Counterintelligence Special Agent   (B & C Retired 6553)
Former Member of the Special Operations Group, Chicago Police Department
40 years Experience

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Premier Investigation Group offers TSCM that utilizes DOD level countermeasures equipment. We are also able to identify clandestine surveillance devices transmitting from DC to 71 GHz. Thus, we can identify all friendly and not so friendly radio frequencies in VLF/HF/VHF/UHF and microwave range. Our TSCM technicians can identify the most sophisticated devices, such as, Frequency “Hoppers,” Spread Spectrum, Burst, Pulse Devices,and Sub-Carrier.


Counterintelligence Division

Countermeasures Equipment

Among the most complex and sensitive assignments that Premier Investigation Group undertakes, are those which involve protecting assets and personnel from exploitation. Espionage and illicit collection activities represent attempts by foreign governments, employees, and corporate competitors to acquire confidential, non-public proprietary information. The threat is so acute that the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency has warned corporate America to be alert to the threat and to take the necessary countermeasures to thwart the threat.

One of the most insidious threats to an unsuspecting corporate entity is the illegal interception and monitoring of audio and data

communication. There has been increasing use of electronic eavesdropping devices. These devices can exploit the radio frequency generated by personal computers, cellular telephones, land line telephones, cordless telephones, and fax systems. The available technology for communication and data acquisition is immense. There is no such thing as safe communication without high speed encryption systems, but even with that technology there are vulnerabilities.

Wiretaps are extremely difficult to detect and require a high level of technical expertise, as well as state-of-the-art technical equipment.  Premier Investigation Group  has the expertise and the equipment to locate and neutralize the most sophisticated wiretap and eavesdropping techniques.

Beware of private investigators who represent themselves as Eavesdropping Detection "Experts."  These individuals will attend manufacturer sponsored weekend courses, will purchase some equipment, and will then represent themselves as highly trained technicians.  If they have never been trained in counterintelligence, chances are that they have little or no training, and probably could not qualify for a national security clearance!

Whenever you hire someone for this highly technical service, verify that they have been trained in counterintelligence, have completed the appropriate internships, and have the formal training and experience to perform these services.  Attending manufacturers workshops, does not qualify you as an eavesdropping detection expert.



Compare our Credentials, Education, Experience, and Training, and you will be confident that we are the right choice. Our director of technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) is a former Counterintelligence Special-Agent, US Army Intelligence & Security Command, and a former member of the Chicago Police Department, Special Operations Group, with over thirty years of continuous experience in Technical Surveillance Counter measures.  He has extensive experience in developing, programming, and executing complex corporate counterintelligence investigations.  He brings to the corporate environment, in-depth knowledge of physical and technical security procedures, to thwart attempts at covert technical surveillance.  We guarantee that you will not find anyone in the United States who has more education, experience and training then our technicians.

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